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Princeton University Press, 20 vols. A rather chilling statement for Jung to make the year after the Nuremberg Laws had been declared.

Individuation and the Self

On the nature of the psyche. Jung called this the process of individuation. Norse mythology is filled with stories about people being possessed by animals, about people going berserk. Even so I would like, before pointing out its equally glaring dangers, to quote Otto Rank's observations on Jung's fundamental mistake: The problem comes not in having a persona but in identifying with it to the neglect of the person's inner life.

These theories, along with his understanding of the symbolism found in dreams and in other creative processes, formed the basis of his clinical approach, which he called analytical psychology. Perhaps the only explanation would be that they were not really Germanic and with this the Nazis, and maybe the Swiss-German Jung, would agree.

Carl jung two essays analytical psychology

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After completing his medical studies, Jung obtained a position at the Burghoelzli Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. This is because the analytic situation allows both participants to join in a quest for the truth; to express and experience the self in ways which are often prohibited by the compromises made in the service of social acceptance in non-analytic relationships.

This is, of course, also true for the various neo-Freudian usages of this terminology. The ego has to suffer to allow the Self to express itself. In other words, the people of this ancestry have a race-will that inevitably will over-ride possible individual choices.

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Here we are confronted with anti-individuation forces. After completing his medical studies, Jung obtained a position at the Burghoelzli Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland. The limitations of this view of human psychology seem glaring. Is it universal and commonplace or aristocratic — a vocation for the elite.

Resting for the most part close to the surface of the unconscious are those personal attributes and elements of experience which have been excluded from the ego, usually because of parental and societal disapproval.

Jung saw complexes as "the living units of the psyche" a, p. Feeling-toned complexes are the basic structural units of the psyche. Jungian analysis, which takes place in a dialectical relationship between analyst and analysand, has for its goal the analysand's movement toward psychological wholeness.

CW 11 ——- a. The Self can be understood as the central organizing principle of the psyche, that fundamental and essential aspect of human personality which gives cohesion, meaning, direction, and purpose to the whole psyche.

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology Summary

The psychology of the transference. Indeed, they may have caused his misguided inaction. Was this not what they all said in various ways at Nuremberg.

No doubt we should be cold-blooded and superior; but we are, on the whole, much more deeply involved in the recent events in Germany than we like to admit.

Archetypes of the collective unconscious. Such a striving towards an almost mystical union between the self and its racial background is supposed to link the isolated individual with a bigger whole of which he can feel an essential part. Simply put, too simply perhaps, the ego is how one sees oneself, along with the conscious and unconscious feelings that accompany that view Hopcke,p.

InJung wrote another essay called "After the Catastrophe. Chicago and La Salle, IL:. Abstracts of the Collected Works of C. G. Jung Volume 7: Two Essays on Analytical Psychology On the psychology of the unconscious.

Prefaces. In: Jung, C., Collected Works of C. G. Jung, Vol. 7. 2nd ed., Princeton in two ways and used to support the use of the synthetic mode. This constructive (subjective) process refers the dream images. Two Essays on Analytical Psychology is Volume 7 in The Collected Works of C.

G. Jung, a series of books published by Princeton University Press in the U.S. and Routledge & Kegan Paul in the U.K. It has become known as one of the best introductions to Jung's work. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

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This volume has become known as perhaps the best introduction to Jung's work. In these famous essays. "The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious" and "On the Psychology of the Unconscious," he presented the essential core of his system/5.

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Two essays on analytical psychology jung
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